External Tools

For the PlanningSynthesis system we integrated the following tools:


As selectors for the multi-criteria optimization algorithm we use the Platform and Programming Language Independent Interface for Search Algorithms (PISA), developed at ETH Zurich by Eckart Zitzler and the Systems Optimization group. You can download the source files from the PISA website. The PlanningSyntesis project is focussing on developing geometry variator algorithms and evaluation methods to calculate individual fitness values.

For the incusion of the PISA selectors Pavol Bielik has implemented a C# wrapper. The wrapper use the compiled exe files of all selectors and the workspace. They can be downloaded separately here: PISA.

Self Organizing Maps (SOM)

As program to calculate Self Organizing Maps (SOM) we use the Databionic ESOM Tools. It's an open source project, which can be downloaded here. In addition to the installation instructions on the Databionic ESOM website we provide here some additional hints from our experience:

After the installation:
1. Make sure that the java excecutable is in your PATH environment variable (use e.g. Rapid Environment Editor to edit the PATH variable).
2. You also might want to include the "bin" subdirectory of the ESOM tools in PATH.
3. if you use win7/64bit, you'll have the problem that the command.com can't be found (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/9249593/maven-1-0-2-and-jdk-1-6-issue): This is because of Windows 7 x64 does not have command.com. The solution is to copy cmd.exe and rename the copy as command.com and put it in the path variable.


There are a lot of open source libraries that are used for various parts of the PlanningSynthesis system. They are included in the folder ExternalLibraries. We listed all used libraries here.