The Computational Planning Group consists of the following persons, who contributed in various ways to the development of the CPlan libraries:

Dr. Reinhard Koenigcontact | Sven Schneider | Christian Tonn | Martin Bielik | Artem Chirkin | Christine Meixner | Dr. Bernhard Klein | Lukas Treyer | Zeng Wei | Pavol Bielik | Matthias Standfest | Yufan Miao | Katja Knecht | Abdulmalik Abdulmawla | Ekaterina FuchkinaChang  Mei-Chih |


We use a lot of open source libraries or tools from the following people or projects:

Tektosyne Library | PISA | Databionic ESOM Tools | Clipper library | Cloo | netDXF | AForge.Net | NetTopologySuite | OpenTK | Farseer physics | boost | Troschuetz randomObjLoader | QuickGraph |

Without these third party libraries the Planning Synthesis project would not be possible. We are very grateful to all developers of these libraries for providing them.